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            Today is 2021-5-27, Welcome to the web Anhui Intelligent Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Website: www.hrmazaheri.com


              Anhui Intelligent Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.was founded in June 2001, is a high-tech enterprise through the national identification and software enterprises in Anhui Province, the company to China Academy of Sciences Hefei Institutes of physical science as the basis, has first-class talents, and China science, Hefei Polytechnic University established the good cooperation relationship.

              In the intelligent detection and control technology, the intelligent detection and control is the core technology, and the main development areas are elevator testing and sealing performance testing. The company is committed to scientific and technological innovation, with a number of national invention patents, software copyrights, more than one through the certification of software products and a number of international advanced level of high-tech achievements. In recent years, more than and 10 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui province and Hefei city science and Technology Progress Award and the Academy of cooperation outstanding contribution award.

              Intelligent elevator series Zhongke intelligent instrument, intelligent instrument series and sealing performance comprehensive testing system, a series of teaching instruments and other products have reached the international advanced level, with independent intellectual property rights, and has been successfully applied to thousands of enterprises, universities and special equipment technical inspection department at home and abroad, occupy the home the largest market share, of which DT-5 lift acceleration test instrument has been exported to europe.

              In the Department of intelligence will continue to adhere to the people-oriented, technology and innovation as the driving force, in order to standardize the management of security, in order to meet the technical demands of economic and social development as its mission, while maintaining the advantages of the existing brand products, to create first-class manufacturing technology, first-class products, to achieve sustainable development of energy and fast growing!









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