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            Sealing performance testing equipment

            Test bench for performance of bottled liquefied petroleum gas pressure regulator

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            Product parameters

            Bottled liquefied petroleum gas regulator performance test station (hereinafter referred to as the test set) is according to the People's Republic of China urban construction industry standard "household bottled liquefied petroleum gas regulator (CJ50-2008)" in the provisions of the technical requirements and test methods of bottled liquefied petroleum gas regulator (regulator) closing performance pressure the outlet pressure and pressure, static characteristics test, and can determine the performance of pressure regulator in compliance with the standard provisions of table 1.

            Product performance

             Automatic closing pressure, outlet pressure and static characteristics of the pressure regulator, the process curve and test results are shown.
            Industrial control computer related parameters setting, data storage, curve browsing, data query, print and so on, the man-machine interface is friendly
            The utility model has the advantages of reliable and reliable integral fixture, and can automatically clamp the inlet and outlet air interface of the tested piece, and the operation is convenient.
            Digital readout of the input pressure of the regulator, the output pressure and export flow, accurate and reliable data
            The configuration and high precision proportional pressure valve control input pressure regulator, pressure range of 0 ~ 1.6MPa, the accuracy of less than 1.0%F.S.
            - configure high precision flow control unit, controllable flow range 0 ~ 30L/min, the control accuracy of less than 1.5%F.S.
            Test desk has a non qualified alarm function, such as the emergence of the workpiece is not qualified, the equipment will be through the indicator light and buzzer alarm (not qualified alarm can be set to close and open)
            Parameter settings are password protection function, can prevent unintentional modifications and illegal changes to ensure the reliability and safety of the machine operation










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