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            Elevator speed limiter test

            XC-4G high speed elevator speed limiter tester

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            Product parameters

              The speed limiter is one of the most important parts of the safety protection of the elevator, it is because of the linkage control measures the speed limiter - safety clamp - damper “, which makes the elevator become other vehicles more vertical transport safety. The detection unit, elevator manufacturers, maintenance of testing equipment maintenance units must have elevator speed limiter, and according to the provisions of each elevator speed limiter to do the test, to ensure the safety and reliability of elevator speed limiter.
              At present, with the development of the high speed elevator technology, the high speed elevator is widely used in the high-rise buildings at home and abroad. Along with the appearance of the high speed elevator, the safety inspection requirement of the speed limit device of the high speed elevator is more and more urgent.
              XC-4G high speed elevator speed limiter tester is the most portable test instrument which is developed according to the development of high speed elevator speed limiter safety testing requirements, applicable to the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of special equipment inspection departments, elevator installation and maintenance units on-site of the elevator speed limiter test, at the same time for governor manufacturers and machine manufacturers into the factory inspection.

            Product performance

            Can measure the speed of movement of 5m/s ~ 15m/s of various speed limiter
            Test acceleration in the range of 0.2m/s2 ~ 0.01m/s2 can be arbitrarily set
            The speed of the wheel disc of the speed limiting device with the electric contact switch in the electric switch action can be measured.
            Can automatically capture the speed of the speed limiter
            Can automatically print out the speed limit of the speed of the governor (including the electric contact switch movement of the wheel line speed) and the test date, time
            Touch screen liquid crystal display, man-machine friendly interface, set the relevant parameters
            Clock function: can set the date and time, once set, power down memory
            Storage function: save the settings of the relevant parameters, action speed, test date and time; can store 45001 sets of test data and related information, and real-time query memory status
            Data export function: the file stored in the mainframe of the test instrument is exported to the computer through the USB port, the use of high-speed elevator speed elevator speed limiter test instrument for data management










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