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            Elevator acceleration test

            DT-4 type elevator acceleration measuring instrument

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            Product parameters

              DT series instrument is elevator special test equipment the company initiated in China according to the relevant requirements of the national standard, suitable for elevator manufacturers products performance testing, elevator installation and debugging, technical supervision departments and Inspection Bureau of elevator performance test. DT series DT-4 elevator acceleration test instrument is based on the PC platform of the special elevator acceleration test equipment, can be used to test the braking and vibration characteristics of the elevator.
              DT-4 elevator acceleration test instrument consists of three direction acceleration sensors, data acquisition and computer components, the overall structure is compact, easy to carry.

            Product performance

              The computer software Windows based on the full Chinese friendly interface, convenient operation, can be directly on the computer realization of the elevator brake and vibration characteristic parameters and spectrum (brake acceleration, speed, and direction of vibration acceleration jerk three total six curves) measurement, real-time display, storage, analysis and printing
              Using high precision 3D acceleration sensor, the measurement of the three direction can be completed once, which greatly improves the efficiency of the test.
              Fully supports the new national standard (ISO18738), and carries on the parameter analysis
              Can be flexible and computer online or offline work, that is, the host machine can work independently, to complete the test and can be stored for up to 669 seconds of the test results. After the test, the results can be introduced into the computer for analysis and processing
              Support digital filtering and vibration spectrum analysis, easy to analyze the performance of the elevator
              Support flexible print mode and result output mode, can output to the Excel form in the batch test result, can output the test map to the Word document
              The use of USB interface, plug and play; the instrument host uses lithium battery power supply, to facilitate the use of the site










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